Ultralight Gear is the Best Gear for Overnight Rock Climbing Trips

BoulderingPlanning a rock climbing trip with your friends? A group decision was made and you and your friends are going rock climbing soon. You have that friend who has experienced an overnight rock climbing trip in the past and he’s going to do the planning.

You would think that since he’s coming up with the itinerary and the plans with your guide you can just sit back and wait for instructions. Well, you’ve got another thing coming for you because rock climbing isn’t just a simple outdoor adventure that you can push through even if you slacked off in your preparations.

Simple research would be to ask a friend with outdoor experience or visit an outdoor community website/forum to find out more on the things you should pack when going on a rock climbing trip. The advice you’ll likely get is rock climbing equipment, tent, toiletries, food, etc.

It’s also important to know the terrain that you’re going to climb. You can do an in-depth research of this information online by asking people who’ve tried the route you’ll be climbing. This is especially important for your mental preparation before the trip because you would know what to expect during the whole trip.

Experienced rock climbers would tell you some of the more common problems during rock climbing like animal trouble, temperature, difficulty of the route, and risks. You have to really check your equipment to make sure that it wasn’t chewed off by a rodent because damaged equipment can lead to an accident.

If you’ve done enough research, you would know the spots on the route where you can camp for the night. During an outdoor adventure, it’s important to take note of places you can camp in. The proper outdoor shelter can save you from problems like hypothermia and you’d be avoiding the harsh natural environment while you rest.

For rock climbers, it would be advisable not to stay on top of a rock because you’ll be in open space and it’s going to be cold at night. Camping at the side of a rock wall, between big boulders, or inside a cave would make for a great camping spot.15324128101_e614a59eb0_b

As for equipment, I’d recommend Ultralight gear for your overnight rock climbing trip. Not only are their camping gears lightweight which would significantly lighten the weight of your bag. They also provide a variety of features that can really help your trip become safe and more comfortable.

Aside from food, you’ll need to drink a lot of water during your climb and Ultralight has a water bottle and portable filtration system you can carry to get high quality water each time. Just mark your water sources and you’ll be good to go each time.

It is common for climbers to still be on the trail at night. This is why they need the best led headlamp available in the market. Ultralight camping gear offers quality LED headlamps with different safety features and really bright lights to keep you safe during your rock climbing trips.

For more information on Ultralight products, you can try visiting their website. Questions about their products can be directed to their contact page right here. Always look for top quality outdoor equipment because it gives you all the best features that you can use in your adventures.


GPS Watches for the Outdoors

For whatever outdoor activity that you’re doing, you always wanted to track your progress with ease. And the most common thing that will make your life easier when you’re outdoors is a GPS watch. Most GPS watches are equipped with perfect capabilities that would help outdoor enthusiasts like you.

outdoor watch

Some of the best features of the many top selling GPS watches do not only include GPS tracking capabilities, but also gauge progress, monitors and measures run time, pacing and the amount of calories burned. It gives all the necessary information needed for those who love hiking, running, swimming and even kayaking.

What to Look for

When you’re looking for a perfect GPS watch for you, there are several factors that you have to consider. Although these watches are commonly made for runners, it would also work for swimmers and other outdoor activities. For instance, if you want to use it for swimming, make sure that you pick the waterproof GPS watch, rugged watches that would work at least 30 meters under water.

One factor that you should look for a GPS watch is its complete data tracking. It should be a kind of watch that can display all the information that you need at one time such as distance travelled, workout duration, pacing, heart rate and temperature. For swimmers, you can look for watches that track swimming strokes.

You might also need to check the battery life. Since GPS watches display lots of information on its screen, it’ll definitely eat up battery life faster. So depending on the outdoor activity that you’re doing, you should find the one with longer battery life. Other accessories can also be added on some watches such as pedometers and foot tracks which will help the tracking even easier.

Other Factors to Consider

One other factor to consider when buying a GPS watch is the price. It’s obviously about what you can afford and what you need. Prices for watches range from $100 and maybe would go as high as $500 or up. Each model and design differs in capabilities and prices. More expensive brands are certainly at higher prices, since most of them offers tons of helpful tracking capabilities that will help make your life even easier and stress-free.

Top GPS Watches

Garmin Forerunner 220. It is one of the award winning GPS watches that combine luxury and great capability. It is designed to be able to pick up a reception satellite faster with the use of pre-cached locations. These cache locations are stored and updated through your phone via Bluetooth pairing that ensures that you’re able to start the running easily.


Polar M400. It’s another great option for a GPS watch and a perfect workout companion as well. It also has a waterproofing capabilities, longer battery life and perfect running estimator.

More Ideas…

In order for you to find the perfect GPS watch for you, you need to have a better idea how each of them work well with the kind of activity that you’re into. Remember that each watch may have similar features, but some works better than the other depending on how they are designed and preset.


Protecting Parks from Over Hunting

Let’s face it. The numbers of animals that are getting instinct every year are increasing. It would probably mean that our future generations might not be able to see a deer or a lion in the flesh. And there are many reasons for this extinction. One is over hunting.

over hunting

Many people would consider hunting as an exciting and fulfilling relaxation. Yet, thinking about its possible effects to the nature’s wildlife, such a hobby should be properly regulated. We all should think about protecting them, rather than using them for some fun hunting adventure and satisfaction.

Hunting on Parks

Hunting on parks in some states in the US are actually allowed. They have set up certain periods and schedules. However, over the period of time, the hunting spree had become so massive. In which many officials now consider hunting as a disaster.

The main reason why these hunting in parks became a disaster is the lack of discipline for hunters. If hunting is permitted, rules should be followed. There would always be limitations when it comes to hunting. An activity like hunting is definitely not for trigger happy people who know nothing but fire their air rifles.

Stop Over Hunting

The main issue comes when hunters go beyond limits. Over hunting should be stopped. And how can that be possible? If the state or the government allowed hunting in certain parks, they should have set up legal prohibitions. There should proper planning and deliberation about what to do in case hunters would break the rules.

The effects of over hunting are long term. It would be passed on to the next generations. The extinctions of some species will have an overall effect to the ecosystem. In which will alter the balance of nature. If things get worse, it will lead to the earth’s destruction.

Since the issue of over hunting isn’t that simple, the authority would have to do something about it. One is to completely stop the hunting in parks. If we want to protect the parks, then no hunting should be allowed. There are other fun and exciting things to do than hunting.


Taking the Responsibility

Let’s talk about the responsibility. Who do you think are responsible to do something for all these wildlife devastations and over hunting? Can we leave them to the authorities? The reality is that we are all responsible for these. If we wanted this over hunting to stop, we all have to do something about it.

If you’re a hunting enthusiast, then probably you have to learn how to follow the rules.  Of course, it’s always a great to hit a target. But learn when to shoot and not. You should learn how to tame your finger to know when to pull the trigger. If you’re not a hunter, you can still do something to protect the parks and the wildlife within. Be watchful about what’s happening around you.  And have the courage to fight for what is right.

Stop over hunting today. Let’s all work together to protect the parks from getting exhausted. And take the responsibility of making the difference.

Park Safety: Make Sure Your Rifle Equipment Works!

As part of the safety in the national park conservation at British Columbia, I have experienced some circumstances that I will say are, well, unwanted to say the least.  I am pretty sure there are more to come and this is why I commit myself to being prepared for everything.  This includes my rifle equipment.  I consider it very important as at some point, my life might depend on it.  What are some of the cares you must have with your rifle equipment?  Let me round up some of them.

Check the scope

I have seen many of these go haywire and provide an erroneous shot.  A good aim will pretty much depend on having an accurate scope.  For the job I have, I believe an 8X to 10X will suffice, in case you are planning on getting one.  Make sure the scope stands firm on your rifle and get it looked at if it starts to act weird.

Check the trigger

This is where a spring gauge comes in handy.  It is actually pretty easy to weight your trigger.  It should break at somewhere between a 3 and a 4.   If you hear a weird noise on your trigger, it is time to take that baby to the gunsmith.  Trust me, you do not want to walk around a rifle with a barking trigger.

Check the weight

Make sure that your rifle has the appropriate weight to meet your needs.  Once you have found that one that is good to you, cling to it and take good care of it.


Keep it away from the heat

Ok, your rifle is not going to fire itself or any of that if you leave it too much time under the sun.  The problem with this is that you never know when you are going to need and well, let´s just say that grabbing a hot rifle might be a pain.  They usually take a bit long to cool off.  So, always keep it under the shade.  This means that maybe you want to keep yourself under the shade, even if you are in the open field, always try to keep your gun from overexposure to the sun.

Practice your shooting

This is important not only for the shooting itself but for the sake of keeping your rifle and equipment sharp and ready for action.  The very first strange noise you hear coming from it, make sure it is taken a look at.

My rifles have to be always shiny and in good shape.  This is why I always recommend GoShootGuns for the best rifles.  Once you get yourself one, you will cherish it and take good care of it.

Tactical Devices I can’t Rock Climb Without

Many climbers would agree if I say that rock climbing is not just about knowing how to climb and get up there. It is also about having the right knowledge about it and doing the right preparation. Definitely, nothing beats the adrenaline rush and that feeling of excitement when rock climbing. Yet you should also be aware of your own safety and protection.


This time, I’m going to share with you about the tactical devices that I normally use when rock climbing and I can surely say that I can’t rock climb without them. For me these things would mean safety and defense in times of trouble.

The Gears

Your rock climbing adventure would never be complete with some important climbing gears. These gears are considered fundamental. Just like going to war, you need to be in full battle gear.

  • Climbing harness
  • Rope
  • Climbing shoes
  • Carabiners
  • Belay Device
  • Quickdraws
  • Chalk and chalk bag
  • Crash pads, etc.

The Tactical Devices

As I mentioned earlier, I have a set of tactical devices that I can’t rock climb without. These devices I considered my life saver.

Tactical Knife

I also make sure that I have a small, portable and useful tactical knife with me. I would never know when I get myself into trouble. I need to have it for my protection. It can be used for cutting, making holes or even if I need to prepare some food.


Tactical Flashlight

You’d probably wonder why I have to carry a flashlight with me. Well, for a good and simple reason, for emergency purposes. In one instance where I had to stay in our climbing area and spend the night there because the weather just didn’t cooperate with us. I find having a tactical flashlight very useful.

Safety and Protection

If there’s something that you certainly need to consider when rock climbing, that’s our own safety and protection. We can’t take them for granted. Since rock climbing requires us to stay outside and in a place where most of us consider risky, we need to make proper preparation. As a matter of fact, rock climbing itself is known to as a very daring activity to do. And it probably doesn’t work for everyone.

However, you can still beat the challenge by making sure that you came well prepared. First, know what you need to bring like food, medicine kits, water, maps, etc. Next is to wear the right gears and clothing. You also have to bring some life saver stuff with you such as a tactical knife and a flashlight. Lastly, you need to get yourself ready, both emotionally and physically.

My Conclusion

I myself have been through a lot of places to climb. And from all those, I’ve learned a lot. Accidents and dilemmas are inevitable. However, you can still have a successful and a fulfilling rock climbing adventure when you’re properly ready. Get the right knowledge for yourself. Know how to react in any untoward circumstances that comes your way. Remember, when you’re just getting started, it’s a long way to run. What’s important is you learn things the best way!


Preserving Mother Nature

Without Mother Nature, without Earth, without the ever loving nature that helped us from the last thousands of years, we won’t be here. We will not exist at all in the first place if not for her. She provided us with food, water, and air. However, due to our technological advancements and industrialization, Mother Earth was greatly affected. We never paid much attention to her within the last few years and here we are, trying to prevent any further damage to her because of her terrible state. With that in mind, we need to help in preserving Mother Nature.

Let’s see some of the tips to preserve Mother Earth.

Use Paper Wisely

Most of the time, we just use paper like it’s nothing. We print articles, essays and other reading materials without proofreading them first and when we spot errors, we immediately crumple the paper and throw it straight to the bin. We don’t know that for every paper we waste, a tree is also wasted. We can conserve paper by making sure that the work is perfect before printing it and by using both sides of the paper.

Stop Using Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are so dangerous to our soil. It takes so long before they decay and will pollute our lands and water. If we can reduce plastic bag usage, then we can greatly reduce waste and landfills. Consider using an eco-bag of paper bags instead of plastic bags. In addition, try to bring your own container so that you won’t need to bring back plastic bags from shopping.


Glass, tin cans and other materials can be recycled for use again. We can either bring them to a junkshop for recycling or we can use them as a container, pot and the like.

Buy Organic

Organic farming is done without the need for pesticides that are not only toxic, they can also affect our ozone layer. In addition to that, when pesticides get into the soil, there’s a chance that it can contaminate water supplies.

Plant trees and gardens

Creating a garden not only gives you an extra fun activity, it can also bring ambiance on your property. You can even have your own source of plants and medicines. They can also help make our air fresher and safer. Moreover, they can be very soothing when you relax in your garden at your leisure time.

Purchase Organic Cleaning and Beauty Supplies

There are many organic cleaners that are made from natural ingredients. They are not only safer, but they can greatly reduce environmental impacts. The same goes for beauty supplies, they are safer for your skin and body. You can be rest assured that you can keep your home and health clean and the environment healthy.

A Beginner’s Guide to Hiking

If you want to go out and commune with nature, then hiking is among the best activities that you can embark yourself upon. If you are a first time hiker, then you might probably think about those road travelers with over-sized backpacks set to travel towards far away land, hiking on epic mountains or weeks upon weeks. You might also think about a pair of hobbits traveling through dangerous mountain ranges with the end goal of bringing peace back again on Earth (middle). But hiking is actually as fun or probably more fun that you would imagine. And if you’ve realized about it already, you might be planning about your first trip. If you are, then you are on the right place. Let us begin.

Decide on the Length of your Hike

Since you are a beginner (I’m sure you won’t be reading this if you are an expert, but if you do, you are probably looking for some refresher about the subject matter), we won’t be talking about long trails, make sure that you choose the appropriate length of hiking time for your experience. With that in mind, choose hiking trails that can be done in less than a day, a hiking trek that won’t need you to bring an extra change of clothes or a tent.

Decide if Going Solo or Group

This way, you can be more prepared if you think about going solo or in a group. If you’re a complete beginner, going with a group is probably a best to learn a lot of things from fellow experienced hiker. If you get enough experience, consider going solo for the best meditation experience. In addition to that, going solo will allow you to trek on your own perfect pace, without the need for waiting for someone or hurrying up for the group.

Determine your Fitness Level

If you’re just starting in hiking and you don’t have enough fitness level, then considering an eight-hour hiking trip might be a fool’s work. Consider a slow and easy place for a beginner’s hiking. A hiking spot near your town will allow you to stop or go back to home if necessary.

Choose Your Hiking Location

Choosing your hiking location will allow you to plan your tip perfectly and you will be able to choose the correct gears and supplies. There are a lot of online websites to help you pick the correct hiking location.

Inform Someone

If you are hiking alone, consider letting someone know that you are going on a hiking trip and let them know when you’ll be back. This way, if you are not back after the time you said you’ll be back, they will know to alert the proper authorities.