Preserving Mother Nature

Without Mother Nature, without Earth, without the ever loving nature that helped us from the last thousands of years, we won’t be here. We will not exist at all in the first place if not for her. She provided us with food, water, and air. However, due to our technological advancements and industrialization, Mother Earth was greatly affected. We never paid much attention to her within the last few years and here we are, trying to prevent any further damage to her because of her terrible state. With that in mind, we need to help in preserving Mother Nature.

Let’s see some of the tips to preserve Mother Earth.

Use Paper Wisely

Most of the time, we just use paper like it’s nothing. We print articles, essays and other reading materials without proofreading them first and when we spot errors, we immediately crumple the paper and throw it straight to the bin. We don’t know that for every paper we waste, a tree is also wasted. We can conserve paper by making sure that the work is perfect before printing it and by using both sides of the paper.

Stop Using Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are so dangerous to our soil. It takes so long before they decay and will pollute our lands and water. If we can reduce plastic bag usage, then we can greatly reduce waste and landfills. Consider using an eco-bag of paper bags instead of plastic bags. In addition, try to bring your own container so that you won’t need to bring back plastic bags from shopping.


Glass, tin cans and other materials can be recycled for use again. We can either bring them to a junkshop for recycling or we can use them as a container, pot and the like.

Buy Organic

Organic farming is done without the need for pesticides that are not only toxic, they can also affect our ozone layer. In addition to that, when pesticides get into the soil, there’s a chance that it can contaminate water supplies.

Plant trees and gardens

Creating a garden not only gives you an extra fun activity, it can also bring ambiance on your property. You can even have your own source of plants and medicines. They can also help make our air fresher and safer. Moreover, they can be very soothing when you relax in your garden at your leisure time.

Purchase Organic Cleaning and Beauty Supplies

There are many organic cleaners that are made from natural ingredients. They are not only safer, but they can greatly reduce environmental impacts. The same goes for beauty supplies, they are safer for your skin and body. You can be rest assured that you can keep your home and health clean and the environment healthy.

A Beginner’s Guide to Hiking

If you want to go out and commune with nature, then hiking is among the best activities that you can embark yourself upon. If you are a first time hiker, then you might probably think about those road travelers with over-sized backpacks set to travel towards far away land, hiking on epic mountains or weeks upon weeks. You might also think about a pair of hobbits traveling through dangerous mountain ranges with the end goal of bringing peace back again on Earth (middle). But hiking is actually as fun or probably more fun that you would imagine. And if you’ve realized about it already, you might be planning about your first trip. If you are, then you are on the right place. Let us begin.

Decide on the Length of your Hike

Since you are a beginner (I’m sure you won’t be reading this if you are an expert, but if you do, you are probably looking for some refresher about the subject matter), we won’t be talking about long trails, make sure that you choose the appropriate length of hiking time for your experience. With that in mind, choose hiking trails that can be done in less than a day, a hiking trek that won’t need you to bring an extra change of clothes or a tent.

Decide if Going Solo or Group

This way, you can be more prepared if you think about going solo or in a group. If you’re a complete beginner, going with a group is probably a best to learn a lot of things from fellow experienced hiker. If you get enough experience, consider going solo for the best meditation experience. In addition to that, going solo will allow you to trek on your own perfect pace, without the need for waiting for someone or hurrying up for the group.

Determine your Fitness Level

If you’re just starting in hiking and you don’t have enough fitness level, then considering an eight-hour hiking trip might be a fool’s work. Consider a slow and easy place for a beginner’s hiking. A hiking spot near your town will allow you to stop or go back to home if necessary.

Choose Your Hiking Location

Choosing your hiking location will allow you to plan your tip perfectly and you will be able to choose the correct gears and supplies. There are a lot of online websites to help you pick the correct hiking location.

Inform Someone

If you are hiking alone, consider letting someone know that you are going on a hiking trip and let them know when you’ll be back. This way, if you are not back after the time you said you’ll be back, they will know to alert the proper authorities.